Hi, I’m Will Phung! I’m a Sacramento-based educator, digital storyteller, adventurist, and most importantly, lifelong learner. 

After graduating from UC Davis in 2016, I plunged into the “real world” at a full-service advertising agency with one goal in mind: help mom and pop shops build their businesses and live out their dreams. In eight months time, after routinely working 80+ hours a week, I realized I was not happy. I felt trapped in the life I had created. Moreover, I found that I was exchanging my sense of happiness and fulfillment in the pursuit of money and materialistic desires. So I walked away.

In 2017, I founded Free Will Life as a means to connect with passionate individuals who are living out their dreams. Through digital freelancing and gonzo storytelling, my goal is to inspire others to put themselves outside of their comfort zone, chase dreams and realize their fullest potential.