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San Diego Travel Vlog

For our latest adventure, we took a trip to San Diego. While we definitely planned on the weather being better considering it’s San Diego, we still had plenty to do in the gloomy conditions.

We definitely did some planning in terms of accodomations (stayed at an Airbnb), the rest of the trip was planned in a very short period of time. San Diego has many different attractions so it was easy to pack our itinerary. Aside from accomodations, the rest of our trip was very budget-friendly.

Here’s a list of all the places we visited during our stay:




  • Torri Pines: Paragliding & Hangliding
  • La Jolla Kayaking & Snorkeling
  • Liberty Public Market in Point Loma
  • Ballast Point Brewery
  • Coronado Island

All in all, it was a super relaxing trip full of more touristy activities. We definitely did not plan on any injuries leading up to the trip or else we would have tackled the aforementioned to do list!

If you’re planning on visiting San Diego yourself, here’s a few tips & tricks

  • Traffic in San Diego is horrible at times, especially peak business hours (ie: 7-9am and 5-7pm)
  • Mexican food is absolutely the best here due to SD’s close proximity to Mexico
  • Wake up as early as possible, San Diego weather is your best friend
  • If you need to relax, don’t head back to your hotel and nap. Take a trip to any beach!
  • San Diego bars and nightclubs are not too popular during the weekdays
    • This is probably because it was Spring Break when we visited
  • Put an extra outfit into the car so you can change into something more comfortable throughout the day

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