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How to Use Your Network | Resource Series (3/4)

Your network refers to anybody in your ever expandable social circle. We live in a crazy, scary, beautiful time. Never before has communication been better than it is right now. I can make a call or send a message and connect to someone across the world. Think about how awesome that is and realize the potential in it. Now imagine if you used this resource to accomplish your hopes and dreams. I can’t even fathom all of the possibilities. They’re endless! Now instead of trolling or lurking on social media pages like most people, use these communication tools to your advantage.

  1. Friends, family, and colleagues
  2. Local Networking Events
  3. Social Media Networks

But more importantly, reach out to those close to you already. The ones in your immediate social circle. Family, friends, distant relatives, that kid you were once friends with that lived in your old neighborhood (I miss you Johnny), and anybody else who can help you. If you know a friend of a friend who went Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef and you’re interested in doing the same since it’s on your Free Will List, reach out to them and ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to ask! The worst thing that happens is they tell you “No” or, in our modern society, a “Seen” followed by a no reply. You’re not going to die. Maybe your confidence takes a hit but if it’s really worth it, ASK!

By asking and reaching out, you’ll be surprised what can happen. One time, I asked a bunch of questions and found myself halfway across the world in Australia having the time of my life. Connect with people in your network, grow your network, and make some real friends and mentors. To make it simple for lazy readers: Time + Money + Network = Adventures.

Part 4: How to Save Energy

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